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Senchasou is a tea manufacturer and seller located in Matsue City in Shimane Prefecture, a city famous for Japanese tea since ancient times.
We hope to use the production of high quality Japanese tea to further spread the culture and enjoyment of Japanese tea across the globe.

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  • 青汁抹茶コラーゲン


    • Aojiru Matcha Collagen

    Matcha is rich vitamin C essential for production of collagen and we blend fish derived collagen with it. You can continue delicious high quanlity Matcha every day. It is recommended for those interested in beauty and healthy.

  • ほうじ茶パウダー


    • Houjicha powder

    This Houjicha tea is aromatic and less astringency. We made it be powder in our own industry. It’s good for making something for drink and also cooking.

  • 玄米茶パウダー


    • Green tea powder

    Genmaicha powder - We made it be powder in our own factory. Of course, you can use it for drinking tea, but it's also good for cooking. This has nice roasted fragrance.

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