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Scarab Bettei Japanese Tea Cafe

This location offers a wide variety of Japanese teas such as sencha, matcha and hojicha, as well as various drinks using Japanese teas such as lattes and macchiatos. It also features a full selection of seasonal sweets handcrafted by our patissiers.
While based on the Scarab 136 concept, it provides an original menu reflecting the villa character of the shop.

75 Suetsuguhon-machi, Matsue-shi, Shimane
9:00 to 19:00
Mondays (open if a national holiday)
Parking Lot
Parking available (Please use the Kyomise Shopping District Parking Lot.)

You can choose from among the comfortable sofa seats or a tatami room with a view of a small Japanese garden depending on your mood that day or the size of your group.
You can enjoy a Japanese tea cafe with a style that differs from that of Scarab 136.