How to Brew Japanese Tea

How to Brew Japanese Tea

Here is the way to brew Japanese tea to ensure maximum drinking enjoyment.
* We recommend using soft water and not hard water for brewing your tea.


  • 1. Pour hot water into your tea cup to warm the cup and tea whisk.

    1. Rót nước sôi vào bát trà, làm ấm bát trà và chasen (chổi đánh trà).

  • 2. Pour out the hot water, and lightly wipe off any remaining moisture before putting the matcha (powdered tea) into the tea cup. You should use two "chashaku" (bamboo) spoons or approximately two grams of tea.
    If you do not have a chashaku, you can measure one teaspoon of tea.
    * You can adjust the amount to match your flavor preference.

  • 3. Pour hot water into the tea cup. Use about 60 to 70 cc of hot water.

  • 4. Hold the tea cup with your left hand, hold the tea whisk in your right, and rapidly whisk by moving it to-and-fro in an "M" shape so that the tea becomes bubbly.
    Although large bubbles will be formed at the start, keep whisking until the bubbles become smaller.
    Whisk until the bubbles are as small as possible. (30 seconds to one minute)

  • 5. The tea is ready when there is a thin layer of bubbles having a cream-like appearance formed on the surface of the tea.
    Finally, whisk in the middle in a circular motion so that the bubbles form in the middle to finish the process.


  • 1. Pour boiling water into a tea cup and allow the hot water to cool slightly.

  • 2. Place the tea leaves into a small teapot. (One tablespoon per one serving: Approximately two to three grams.)

  • 3. Pour the cooled hot water into the small teapot.

  • 4. Place the lid on the small teapot and allow to brew for about one minute before pouring into a teacup.

  • 5. The flavor becomes concentrated, so it is important to pour out until the very last drop.

  • 6. The tea is ready to drink. You can also enjoy the delicate coloring of the brewed tea.