Production Process

Production Process

  1. 1. Refrigerator
  2. 2. Integrated Finishing Machine and Metal Remover
    As the shapes of tea leaves are not uniform, they must be reshaped by sifting and cutting them. Then, a metal detector is used to find and thoroughly remove any metal that is present.
  3. 3. Color Sorter
    Electronic eyes and intelligence are applied to tea leaves flowing at high speed to separate leaves and stems, with the stems used as the raw ingredients of Shiraore.
  4. 4. Foreign Material Remover
    Foreign material that could only be detected by visual inspection is completely removed by use of ultra-high precision sensors.
  5. 5. Shiage-cha Drier
    The tea leaves are thoroughly dried to increase product value by fully drawing out the unique fragrance and flavor of Senchasoh’s tea.
  6. 6. Tea Blender
    Tea is blended and made consistent to provide uniform quality to the finished tea, and then adjusted to match consumer preference.
  7. 7. Weighing and Inspection
  8. 8. Fully Automated Packager
    Package setting, weighing, packaging and printing are all automated with a one-day (eight-hour) production rate of 10,400 packages.
  9. 9. Product Inspection
  10. 10. Box Packing
  11. Matcha Tea Room
    Completely air conditioned, the Matcha Tea Room is where quality management is scrupulously performed. It features 32 Usu with a single mortar producing approximately 9,600 g per day (eight hours).


  • 1.Air Shower

  • 2.Quality Inspection Room

  • 3.Research Room

  • 4.Clean Room

  • 5.Factory Tour Course Slope

  • 6.Tearoom