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  • Houjicha Ice cream recipe

    Summer is here! The weather has also been sunny and gorgeous which is perfect for ice cream. Why do you try to make Houjicha by your self? Houjicha (roasted green tea) ice cream is extremely nutty and aromatic.

    ※The quantity for 3 people
    Houjicha powder 15g
    Hot water 30g
    (A) Heavy cream 200ml
    (A) Sugar
    (A) Egg yolk 2
    Houjicha Ice cream recipe
  • 1. Step 1

    Mix Houjicha powder with hot water to make ice cream paste, after take the rough heat.

  • 2. Step 2

    Put (A) ingredients and Houjicha paste have been made in step 1 into bowl, and mix them well.

  • 3. Step 3

    Put mixture has been made in step 2 into Ice cream maker, switch on and waiting for 15 ~ 20 minutes. If the rotating plate of ice cream maker does not rotate, it will be done can be service.

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