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In recognition of the importance of the protection of personal information, Senchasou Co., Ltd. ("This Company" hereinafter) has established this policy in order to properly manage and thoroughly protect personal information collected through websites administered by this Company, the Internet, e-mail and similar sources ("personal information" hereinafter).

Collection, Use and Provision of Personal Information

When personal information is collected, this Company shall clearly indicate the purpose of such collection and only use the personal information within the scope of said purpose of collection.
Your personal information shall never be provided to a third party without your express prior consent.
However, information might be provided without your prior consent if such provision is legally requested by an agency with such authority such as a court or the police.

Disposal of Personal Information

Personal information data that is no longer necessary due to reasons such as membership cancellation shall be promptly disposed of in a proper manner.

Proper Management of Personal Information

The following compliance rules have been established for employees, responsible personnel and suppliers of this Company ("employees and related personnel" hereinafter) in order to properly manage personal information, and prevent the illicit use, loss, falsification, leakage or similar improper use of personal information. All related personnel shall strictly observe these compliance rules.

< Compliance Rules for Employees and Related Personnel >

• Employees and related personnel shall not improperly or illicitly use personal information related to this Company, nor shall they illicitly provide it to other persons.
• Employees and related personnel shall properly manage materials related to personal information that has been input or output, or that is contained in electromagnetic recording media ("input materials and similar" hereinafter).
• Employees and related personnel shall not illicitly provide input materials and similar to other persons, dispose of them, or otherwise damage them.
• When disposing of input materials and similar, employees and related personnel shall take measures such as shredding, data deletion, or use of a similar method to ensure that the information cannot be recovered or restored in any form.
• Employees and related personnel shall not inform other persons of their own personnel passwords.
• Employees and related personnel shall properly manage their passwords so that they cannot be used by other persons.
• Employees and related personnel shall not use the network system of this Company for any purposes other than the activities and purposes of this Company.
• Employees and related personnel shall give full consideration to preventing the infection and spreading of computer viruses.

Security Measures

The network system created by this Company uses SSL, a specialized encryption communication technology, in order to constantly maintain a safe network environment, and the system is managed using a dedicated server protected by a firewall security system.

Revisions to this Policy

We are dedicated to constantly studying topics related to the protection of personal information, information security and related measures in order to revise this policy as necessary.

Contact Us and Concerns Related to this Policy

We would like to hear your ideas and opinions, and answer your questions regarding the protection of personal information. Please feel free to contact our service desk in a detailed and frank manner.

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