About Senchasou and Japanese Tea Culture in Matsue (#4)

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The tea master (blender) who meets the needs for tea lovers
  • Make a lot of amount of tea that can meet the demands of the people living in Matsue, selected tea leaves from tea-producing areas nationwide will be identify the individuality of each tea leaf to make unique flavor that enables it to respond to the taste of tea lovers living in this area is technology of blender. This blender technology was born from trial and error to suit the tastes of Matsue and people, and produce some teas which can responds to the tea lovers of Matsue.

Acquired international standards for safety and security
As consumers become more aware of food safety, it is important for Senchasou to take a thorough system of production, processing, storage, and transportation in order to continue to provide safe and secure food to consumers. And we also think that is a social responsibility.
We acquired the international standard food safety management system FFSC 22000 in 2017, and have established a more consistent product management method based on this intention.
Senchasou is the green tea company
For more than 80 years, we have been nurtured by tea ceremony culture of Fumai Lord in Matsue, and have been loved by many people because of the carefully produced with high quality products of us. Up until now, we have cherished things while changing with the times.
The first, Senchasou continue making high quality of tea.
The next, always incorporate new sensations to further convey the appeal of Japanese tea.

We also continue making new products that suit the modern lifestyle and make it easier to enjoy Japanese tea, that is also unique of Matsue. Senchasou also will try disseminate the charm of Japanese Tea to all over Japan and to the world.