About Senchasou and Japanese Tea Culture in Matsue (#1)

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Senchasou is a long-established tea shop has been more than 80 year in Matsue, nurtured by the tea ceremony culture of Matsudaira Harusato, the 7th feudal lord of the Matsue in the late Edo period. And Senchasou’s hit product is “original Matcha Iri Sencha” (Matcha with Sencha) that is widely loved by locals and people all over Japan.
About “Fumai-ryu“ tea ceremony
  • Matsue is regarded as one of the three major wagashi (Japanese confectionery) cities along with Kyoto and Kanazawa, and is also has been known as the major Japanese tea place. It can be said that Matsue is called the major Japanese tea place because of the achievements of Matsudaira Harusato, who had a keen appreciation of tea culture and the tea ceremony, he used Matsue Castle as his residence. Now Matsue Castle has become one of the National Treasures of Japan. Fumai Lord learned the tea ceremony from a young age, developed his own style of tea ceremony called “Fumai-ryu”, and made an effort to protect and collect the masterpiece tea ceremony utensils. In addition to establishing the tea ceremony as a vassal, he also trained local craftsmen such as ceramics and wagashi which are indispensable for the tea ceremony, opened the flowers of art and culture along with the tea ceremony.

A simple otemae (※1) is the unique of Fumai Lord Style, which eliminates waste from the manner of performing to be more casual, plain, clean and unobtrusive.
※1. The manner in which the event is performed is called otemae. “Fumai-ryu” is an innovative style with the essence of Fumai Lord tea ceremony which considered Samurai style and Townsman style, and has been becoming more popular. 200 years after the death of Fumai Lord, his footsteps and spirit are still alive in the lives of the people of Matsue. There are still many locations where you can experience Fumai-ryu tea culture in Matsue city.

Matcha and wagashi

You must be interested in trying Japanese tea ceremony in Shimane!
You can experience traditional Japanese tea ceremony all over Shimane. Here are some of the places you can get lessons on making matcha in the traditional manner. Certified professionals will gently teach you how to enjoy Japanese tea at home.
As you can see in the picture above, this is a tea ceremony was opened in our shop where near Matsue Castle.